IEP, 1 on 1

If your child has an IEP, and you wish to receive 1 on 1 tutoring, this option is for you. This service is offered by both owners, who are licensed by the State of Florida as Exceptional Student Educators. Additional tutors may be available for students with different abilities, and these will also be licensed in the area of Exceptional Student Education. We understand the needs of students with different abilities and are skilled in working to help increase their success and positive self-esteem. We use the IEP to guide instruction and implement strategies to work toward mastering the goals of the IEP. Skill assessments will be done on the first session and periodically throughout tutoring to ensure progress.


A skills assessment will be completed on the first session and the following sessions will be differentiated to meet the needs of your child. Building on the student’s current skills, growth will be encouraged through the practice of fluency, phonics, comprehension and text skills. The student’s learning style and interest will also be taken into consideration so that the learning experience is enjoyable as well as educational.

Small Group

These tutoring sessions are focused on a specific skill and contain no more than 4 students a session. Students with IEPs are welcome to attend these small group sessions, but the skills addressed may or may not be based on their specific IEP goals and objectives. These sessions must be scheduled in advance and are a great way for students to work on similar skills with peers. To attend a small group session, participants must sign up in advance (24 hours or more prior to the class).

Drop In Tutoring

Busy? Can’t commit to a specific time or day of the week? This option may be for you! These sessions focus on a specific skill, require no commitment, can be signed up for on the day of the session, and are perfect for busy students. See our schedule under the Tutoring Schedule tab above. Specific skills may include phonics, fluency, math strategies, and comprehension. Students will work for the hour on that specific skill. While this is our least expensive option, it is also a great way for students who need to fill gaps, homeschool students seeking to improve a skill, and ESE students who would benefit from extra practice.

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