Back to School Skill Builders

It’s almost that time! While kids may still be enjoying the dog days of summer, teachers are gearing up for the new year ahead. We are in trainings. We are thinking about lesson planning (or actively doing so!). And we are looking at the skills we know our students need to have going into the school year in order to be successful in that grade level.

LTES will be offering back to school skill builders, which are virtual, group tutoring boot camp classes that target specific skills. These are not grade specific. These are devised around skills needed. Therefore, the group may contain students that range in ages from 8-12 (or younger or older). The target skill will be addressed throughout the session.

These sessions run 45 minutes and cost $25. Students must have access to a laptop. Students should also bring paper, pencil, and either a red crayon, red marker, or red colored pencil. Additional supplies that may be required could include highlighters and post it notes. These will be noted in the sign up.

Our first session will be held on Thursday, July 28th at 6:30 PM. This session is for students who know vowel sounds (long and short) and all consonant sounds.

Focus: Building bigger words.

Time: 6:30-7:15 pm

Cost: $25

Following signing up, directions for accessing the skill builder will be sent via email. Students must have a working laptop with a working video camera and preferably a working microphone so teacher can hear pronunciations.

For more information, contact LTES through our contact form.

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