Hi, we are Kathy and Lea.

We each have 16 or more years of experience in education with a focus in special education services, K-12. Additionally, we are both certified educators in the state of Florida with licensing in the areas of special education, English 6-12, elementary education, and reading. We created this company for several reasons. First, we believe it is imperative for families to have choice when it comes to tutoring. Not all students benefit from grade level work, and not all families can commit to a regular schedule with other activities, like sports and activities, demanding a space.

We also have a strong interest in bridging the gap between school and home. It is important, therefore, that parents understand processes that may be taking place at the school for those students who are not making gains. We are advocates for our own students, who are in an Exceptional Student Educational (ESE) placement and have differing ability levels, both educationally and academically.

Meet the Owners

Kathy Murdock

Kathy Murdock has taught in public schools for 16 years and has worked as a tutor off and on during this time. Her main focus has been reading instruction, life and social skills training, and bridging the gap between home and school. She currently teaches middle school ELA as a VE teacher, focusing on working with students who have differing abilities. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys paddle boarding, running, spending time with her family, and reading or writing. Kathy currently tutors in person in the Tampa Bay area, runs life and social skills groups in Tampa, and tutors online in the area of reading.

Lea Jennus

In 2001, Lea was inspired by her preschool students while assisting at Mitchell Elementary School in Tampa and began her preparation to be a certified teacher. From there, Lea went on to gain experience in elementary, middle and high school instruction. Additionally, Lea has delivered Exceptional Student Education services for 13 of her 16 years of instruction and has most recently delivered virtual instruction in math and science for Hillsborough Virtual School. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, biking, gardening, music and learning. She currently teaches high school English as a VE teacher, focusing on working with students who have differing abilities.